2000 EAN Codes

Package contains 2000 Unique EAN codes.


0.2995 zł / 1 code

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EAN barcodes

When buying our barcodes, you can rest assured that they are new, unique and never used before.
Hence, it is not possible to assign them to a product other than yours.

EAN barcodes are internationally recognised. You can use them for your offerings on
platforms such as Allegro,Amazon, eBay or Itunes, and on any of the e-commerce websites.

Upon making the payment, the EAN barcodes that you purchased will be sent—together with
the invoice—to the email address you used when placing an order. We will deliver them in
message and in .txt or .csv attachments. They will also be available to you through our
website (My Account section > Orders tab).


  • Immediate order completion
  • EAN numbers approved for Allegro, Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces
  • One payment only
  • Free delivery
  • Reliable customer service
  • Lifelong guarantee