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When and in what form will I get the codes bought?

The barcodes you purchased will be delivered to your email address immediately upon making a payment. You will get them in a form of a .txt or .csv file. They will also be available for download from the Orders web page.

What is the difference between codes bought on kupkodyean.pl and GS1 codes?

The barcodes available on our website are EAN codes accepted by all marketplaces worldwide. The codes are not connected to any product base. If you want to have an EAN code connected to a global product base, contact GS1 and start a paid membership in this organisation. It is time-consuming, though.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes. Each and every order comes with a proof of sale. You will be able to download the invoice in My Account tab, on Orders web page.

Are your EAN barcodes legitimate?

Yes. The barcodes bought on our website are legal and you can use them worldwide. They have been purchased from a distributor, verified, and then prepared for resale.

Are your barcodes accepted all over the world?

Yes. The barcodes purchased on our website are globally recognised.

Are your EAN barcodes accepted for all kinds of products?

Yes. The codes offered on kupkodyean.pl website are valid for all sorts of products.

Do I need to determine which products I will assign my codes to? 

No. You don’t have to share such information with us. The kupkodyean.pl website does not deal with registering products. Your business partners will assign codes to specific products in their database.

Are the codes you offer covered by a guarantee?

Yes. The codes purchased through our website have a lifelong guarantee.

Have the EAN barcodes offered been used before?

No, the codes have never been used. The barcodes purchased are yours only. You can make use of them and be sure they will not be rejected.

Can GS1 demand a payment for EAN barcodes purchased on your website?

No. GS1 charges you for the membership during which it assigns a given product to its product base. On the basis of such entry an EAN code is generated. The code contains product information. The codes available on the website are not connected with the GS1 base, therefore GS1 cannot impose any fees.

Do I need Polish codes for my products? Do your codes have a Polish prefix?

No. To get Polish codes, you have to register with GS1. Prefix is not mandatory. It will be useful if you state it has an impact on the image of your brand. Being a Polish company, you can use EAN codes of different countries, not only Polish.

If I buy one package of barcodes (e.g. Package containing 50 barcodes), I get 50 different or identical barcodes?

If you purchase one package containing 5o barcodes, you’ll get 50 unique EAN codes. Each code is, therefore, different and ready to be assigned to diverse products.



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